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All inclusive services providing smoke alarm installations, smoke alarm maintenance, technical support and risk mitigation.

We are experts in our field, ready to help you navigate the changing smoke alarm marketplace and take away the stress of stringent legislation.

If you are a real estate agent or property manager in South East Queensland and you want to work with a highly focussed and detail driven team then look no further.

We are here to help you with everything you need in smoke alarm servicing and much more.

A Complete Start to Finish Service Designed to Make Compliance and Asset Management Easy for You

No crazy out there services you don’t need.  We are entirely focussed on the necessary elements.

We provide all of the necessary installation support so that smoke alarms and safety switches pass compliance fast.

We provide all of the ongoing service support you need to ensure properties are always compliant.

Hear from our happy customers

I have come across Check Systems with the various properties I own because I see their documentation when it is sent to me from my property managers. They really seem to be on the ball with their compliance checks and appear to be quite thorough. Their compliance statements are always quite detailed and on the occasion when something is not compliant it always comes with reasonable explanation. In fact I think their fees for both compliance checks and maintenance work are very reasonable.


One thing I can say about Check Systems is they are very thorough. It was really important for us that we engaged a company that checked smoke alarms, safety switches and corded blinds at the same time because it can become more expensive than need be if separate trades are sent for each component. It has been really good to get a complete outline of what bind cords need adjusting, which safety switches are faulty and when there are issues with smoke alarms. They even tell us what alarms are approaching expiry in the coming months so we can prepare for replacement well in advance to landlords being exposed to any risk.


Check Systems are an excellent Brisbane based smoke alarm testing and compliance company. They respond very quickly to work orders and provide a fast turn around on compliance certificates and invoices. We are particularly pleased with their proactive approach in helping us manage compliance as we transition across changes to the QLD smoke alarm legislation. Their technology works well in collecting detailed information about smoke alarms and other safety information relating to each property and we receive clear reporting across everything.


We have been using Check Systems for more than a year now and they have been great to work with. I especially like how proactive they are in providing us with useful information through the entire process from scheduling through to completion. I feel like they are across our large rent roll and can be relied on. We never have to ask for information. I would recommend them to anyone that needs compliance work done.


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