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Keep your freedom of choice by installing reputable brands so you are not tied to any one smoke alarm company now or ever.


Using safe and reputable brands is an absolute must!

We are recommending property owners only install safe and reputable smoke alarms brands for a number of reasons.

Many new smoke alarm brands have been launched to capitalise on the current demand that is due to the recent legislation changes.

It is important to choose smoke alarm brands that can be easily replaced in the long term.

Smart smoke alarm brand choices now will prevent one broken or faulty alarm requiring a whole system replacement.

All smoke alarm models that we install have a minimum 5 year product warranty and a 10 year installation warranty.

Option One: Complete Upgrade Packages

Our complete upgrade packages offer a package price based on the number of bedrooms the property has, and is a complete upgrade solution.

So we literally replace everything you already have at the property and install a complete interconnected system that satisfies the 2022 QLD smoke alarm legislation.

Option Two: Itemised Installation

Itemised installation is is an alternative solution where we visit the property if necessary and provide a fully transparent, itemised quotation.

This is a good solution for properties that we have already been servicing or properties where the owner wants to incorporate alarms that are already existing at the property.

Hear from our happy customers

They respond very quickly to work orders and provide a fast turn around on compliance certificates and invoices. We are particularly pleased with their proactive approach in helping us manage compliance as we transition across changes to the QLD smoke alarm legislation. Their technology works well in collecting detailed information about smoke alarms and other safety information relating to each property and we receive clear reporting across everything.


We recently engaged Check Systems to upgrade all of the 120 units we have in our letting pool and it is a relief to know that it has all been done professionally using reputable brands… and knowing I don’t need to worry about it anymore. They were able to complete this job over a couple of weeks.


We have been working with Check Systems for years and more recently they have been systematically upgrading our properties for the new 2022 legislation. The whole process has been easy and straight forward. Also from time to time there have been issues with alarms making funny noises and Check Systems always resolve these issues properly. I would recommend them to anyone.


We have been working really closely with Check Systems these past few months to bring all our our properties in line with the legislation changes that are tasking effect in 2022. They have been really good at providing accurate quotes and getting the work done in a timely manner.


Get in Touch with Us today about how we can help you with smoke alarm installations or upgrades.

Safe and reputable brands is the way to go.  If you would like to arrange for an installation or upgrade or would like to receive a quote for this please get in touch.