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Why are we doing this?

We have an ambitious mission.

We want to completely eliminate smoke alarm compliance breaches in Queensland.  Furthermore we invite everyone working in or for the QLD Real Estate industry to join us in this mission.

We are are obsessed with systems.  The first thing we think of in the morning and the last thing we think of at night is…. how do we improve our systems. We are process driven business that has been created to achieve its ultimate goal of all properties in South East Queensland complying with smoke alarm legislation.

Where we began

In the beginning our focus was on developing software designed to simplify and manage the process of tracking assets and compliance across many properties.  This was at a time when technicians were still running around using clipboards and physical checklists.  With a background in system development our founder saw opportunity in the very process and repetitive nature of compliance work.

However as our client base grew and new improved software products entered the marketplace we decided to ditch the software development side of our business.  In its place we implemented one of the industries leading asset management products.

We are now entirely focussed on smoke alarm and compliance services for property agencies.

Where we are going

Our vision is simple.

We want to be the most well respected smoke alarm and compliance reporting business in Queensland.  Not only respected by property agencies, but also our competitors.

We have a policy at Check Systems of keeping meticulous detail on the smoke alarms at all properties we visit so that the data is accurate, up to date and available for our customers and also other compliance businesses should they need to take over the compliance management.  All of our data can be easily exported whenever it is required.

Hear from our happy customers

Check Systems have been a great company to work with. They are always available when we need them to act on jobs quickly. I have used a lot of different suppliers on the property industry and I find the approach Check systems takes to customer service refreshing.


In the time that we have been using Check Systems we have found them to be very customer service orientated. They go out of their way to communicate regularly with us about our needs. There are some specific legislative requirements that put pressure on scheduling and reporting in relation to smoke alarm compliance and this coupled with our procedures required the specialist skills of Check Systems. They tailored a solution specific to our needs. We find them proficient, especially in relation to responding to work orders and supplying us with all the necessary documentation in a timely manner.


Check Systems are an excellent Brisbane based smoke alarm testing and compliance company. They respond very quickly to work orders and provide a fast turn around on compliance certificates and invoices. We are particularly pleased with their proactive approach in helping us manage compliance as we transition across changes to the QLD smoke alarm legislation. Their technology works well in collecting detailed information about smoke alarms and other safety information relating to each property and we receive clear reporting across everything.


We have been using Check Systems for more than a year now and they have been great to work with. I especially like how proactive they are in providing us with useful information through the entire process from scheduling through to completion. I feel like they are across our large rent roll and can be relied on. We never have to ask for information. I would recommend them to anyone that needs compliance work done.


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