Clipsal Alarm Guide – Check Systems

Troubleshooting Guide For
Clipsal Model Smoke Alarms

Clipsal is a subsidiary of Schneider Electric whose products are widely available throughout Queensland. Many homes in Queensland have smoke alarms installed that are made by Clipsal.

You can receive technical support directly from Clipsal by contacting their customer support department.

Clipsal Customer support by phone: 137328
OR support via online chat:


This can be very stressful and you will want to know how to stop them triggering.

The first thing you need to do is look for the alarm that is flashing red (more than the other alarms).

This will be the alarm that has triggered and set them all off.

If you turn this alarm off it will stop the alarms from repeating their fire warning cycle.


Homes with the current version of the 755 Clipsal alarm series may include:

755PSMA4 (240V alarms) – commonly this is installed with a 755RFB2 240v wireless base so it can be wirelessly interconnected with other wireless Clipsal alarms.
755LPSMA4 (running off a 10 year lithium battery and wirelessly interconnected)